Because your guests deserve the best

Sanctuary Range

It's the most beautiful sleep ever made & now we're bringing our 'best in class' bed to the hospitality industry. The Sanctuary commercial range has superior higher density foams and natural latex for support & includes heat regulating Kulkote technology for a more comfortable sleep.

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    Heat Regulating Technology
    Kulkote Copper is crucial for guests who might get too hot or too cold in bed. The Kulkote senses how you sleep to moderate the temperature of the bed surface while asleep.

    Latex Freshness
    Our Sanctuary commercial models have a comfort layer of sustainable latex for softness & durability. Natural latex is hypoallergenic and anti-fungal providing a fresher mattress for guests.

    Sensorzone HD
    In the Sanctuary we have the Sensorzone support system, with each spring sitting separately in a high density Dreamfoam core for incredible stability & durability. This support core is our best in class for removing partner disturbance.

Elegance Range

In Elegance, your guests will sleep on a premium bed range we've meticulously designed for their every need. Elegance is tailored to supreme commercial standards using superior products and the latest in mattress innovation that is crafted specifically for high end guests.

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    Pocket Spring System
    We have developed the BioXCell independent pocket spring system exclusively for Elegance. The individual heat tempered springs giving this range better durability as well as a supportive core with minimal movement.

    Innovative Foam Comfort
    In Elegance, we know your guests need to feel comfort as well as support during their stay, so we've included the very best in memory foams into this range. FusionGel & Graphene are both comfort layers designed to help with pressure relief as well as wicking away heat.

    Latex Gold
    We have models within the Elegance range which have a comfort layer of sustainable Latex Gold. Natural latex is hypoallergenic and anti-fungal providing a fresher mattress for guests.

Supreme & Executive Range

These ranges offer cost effective options with comfortable and supportive solutions for your guest beds. The durable Torquezone springs, alongside Dreamfoam comfort and Nuvole Fibre, provide a great night's sleep for any guest.

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    This spring system has been endorsed by the New Zealand Chiropractors' Association. It has a three zone system with support loaded in the crucial middle part of the springs to support the lumbar and hips.

    Double-sided Mattresses
    Ensuring that mattresses keep their comfort and durability for as long as possible is essential in providing a great sleep experience. We've made this range of mattresses double-sided so they can be regularly turned over to help extend the life of your guest mattresses.

    Zip Combination
    We understand you have different guest needs so in this range we've developed a zip combination so that two individual beds can combine to form one large mattress.

Affordable Range

We've developed this range because we know you want quality bedding for your guests but without an exorbitant price tag. Hotelier, Wayfarer & Miranda models offer a choice of budget bed options from full foam through to Torquezone support.

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    The most popular feel among Kiwis is medium and this model is a good balance of comfort in Dreamfoam and a lofted sleep surface alongside the durable Torquezone spring unit.

    If you need a firmer feel bed for your guests then the Wayfarer is a good choice. It's the popular pick for schools and hostels featuring the Torquezone spring unit.

    This model is a quality all foam mattress that's perfect for use in bunk beds as it's light and easy to lift when making the bed. It uses high density supportive foam with a simple yet soft commercial fabric cover.


We provide specialty mattresses with basic to full waterproof covering that are a popular choice in the healthcare, student accommodation, resthome or budget hospitality markets.

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    Have a mattress either fully covered in waterproof fabric or we can add a centre strip to any commercial bed to suit your accommodation needs.

Zip Combination

When you need the flexibility of using two singles or a larger mattress - we have the option to join the mattresses together using a zip combination.

Space Savers

When extra guests need clever space saving sleep solutions, there are our Trundler & Roll-away beds to give you flexible accommodation options.

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    Trundler Bed
    The perfect solution when space is an issue, the Trundler bed delivers with a king single alongside the pull-out standard single that is neatly stored underneath.

    Roll-away Bed
    A handy solution complete with wooden headboard for that extra single which can be rolled between rooms for different room configurations or easily stored when it's not needed.

    Anti bugs & bacteria
    We know your guests expect clean fresh bedding so our space saver range is made with anti-microbial fabrics which help eliminate bed bugs and bacteria.