The Ultimate Mattress Protection

We have waterproofing options for your mattress to ensure it's protected against spills and stains. If you're in the healthcare, education accommodation, holiday park or rest home sectors then consider our waterproofing to extend the mattress life as well as to keep your bedding fresh and clean.

Sleepyhead's Superior Sleep Solutions

Ensuring your guests get the best night's sleep is why we get out of bed every morning. At Sleepyhead, we've spent more than 50 years perfecting the sleep experience that your guests expect - the moment they lay their head down. From pillows through to supportive & comfortable mattresses - our commercial beds are designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

Our legacy is one of building beds that use only the best quality materials to create sleep solutions for everybody. All our commercial models are made to NZ fire retardant specifications.
Sleepyhead's product innovation team is constantly striving to bring the latest technologies & designs to our commerical range.
New Zealand Made
We are proud to be part of the made in New Zealand story. Our workforce comes from the local community & we manufacture all our mattresses in New Zealand.


Healthcare Waterproofing

For a basic level of waterproofing, this additional waterproof strip is tailored to the centre of the mattress where it's needed most. It's breathable, anti-bacterial and anti-static and it's available in 1m or 2m lengths.

Hotelier Healthcare Waterproof Mattress

For the best protection available, this mattress is fully covered in waterproof fabric - giving your bed full protection. It's soft & breathable as well as being anti-bacterial and anti-static. It's available only in the Hotelier range.

Mattress Protectors

Our mattress protectors are something you should invest in when buying a commercial mattress to protect the longevity of the bed as well as protecting it against spills, stains or dust mites. It also keeps the mattress fresh and clean for a healthier sleeping environment.