Sleepyhead Commercial Partners

Sleepyhead Commercial has been providing top quality sleep solutions to leading industry brands for more than 50 years. Below are some of our notable partners within the New Zealand Hospitality industry.

Heritage Hotels

Heritage Hotels are a proud partner of the Sleepyhead Commercial family, offering guests a tailored and dynamic hospitality experience for over 20 years. Guests enjoy the comfort and wellbeing offered by our esteemed Latex Elegance bed.

Website: Heritage Hotels
Phone: 0800 36 88 88

Millennium Hotel Group

The Millennium Hotel Group has been providing guests with award winning hospitality for over 30 years. Sleepyhead is proud to partner with Millennium to bring their guests industry leading comfort with models such as the Elegance Plush bed.

Website: Millennium Hotels
Phone: 0800 808 228

Chateau Marlborough

Hailing from the heart of Blenheim, the Chateau Marlborough provides luxury accommodation to guests from around the globe. Sleepyhead has proudly maintained a partnership with Chateau Marlborough offering guests first-class comfort with models such as the Elegance Plush.

Website: Chateau Marlborough
Phone: 0800 75 22 75

New Zealand Partners

Accor Hotels
Distinction Hotels
Hilton Hotels
Rydges Latimer Hotel
The Grand Chateau
Wairakei Resort Hotel
Blanket Bay Lodge

Pacific Partners

Tanoa Hotels
Shangri La’s Fijian Resort
Hilton Resort & Spa Fiji
Pacific Resort
Nautilus Resort
Sunset Resort
Moana Sands Resort
Sinalei Resort
Lava Hotel
Le Meridien Hotel New Caledonia
Hilton Hotel New Caledonia