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Give Your Guests the Gift of Perfect Sleep

Sleepyhead's Superior Sleep Solutions

Ensuring your guests get the best night's sleep is why we get out of bed every morning. At Sleepyhead, we've spent more than 50 years perfecting the sleep experience that your guests expect - the moment they lay their head down. From pillows through to supportive & comfortable mattresses - our commercial beds are designed specifically for the hospitality industry.

Our legacy is one of building beds that use only the best quality materials to create sleep solutions for everybody. All our commercial models are made to NZ fire retardant specifications.
Sleepyhead's product innovation team is constantly striving to bring the latest technologies & designs to our commerical range.
New Zealand Made
We are proud to be part of the made in New Zealand story. Our workforce comes from the local community & we manufacture all our mattresses in New Zealand.

Choose your range

Sanctuary Range

It's the most beautiful sleep ever made & now we're bringing our 'best in class' bed to the hospitality industry. The Sanctuary commercial range has superior higher density foams and natural latex for support & includes heat regulating Kulkote technology for a more comfortable sleep.

Elegance Range

In Elegance, your guests will sleep on a premium bed range we've meticulously designed for their every need. Elegance is tailored to supreme commercial standards using superior products and the latest in mattress innovation that is crafted specifically for high end guests.

Supreme & Executive Range

These ranges offer cost effective options with comfortable and supportive solutions for your guest beds. The durable Torquezone springs, alongside Dreamfoam comfort and Nuvole Fibre, provide a great night's sleep for any guest.

Affordable Range

We've developed this range because we know you want quality bedding for your guests but without an exorbitant price tag. Hotelier, Wayfarer & Miranda models offer a choice of budget bed options from full foam through to Torquezone support.


We provide specialty mattresses with basic to full waterproof covering that are a popular choice in the healthcare, student accommodation, resthome or budget hospitality markets.

Zip Combination

When you need the flexibility of using two singles or a larger mattress - we have the option to join the mattresses together using a zip combination.

Space Savers

When extra guests need clever space saving sleep solutions, there are our Trundler & Roll-away beds to give you flexible accommodation options.


We've created a range of bedding and comfort accessories to give your guests the extra touch to make their stay special.

Sleepyhead Commercial Catalogue

Looking for more information? Follow the link below for the latest Sleepyhead Commercial brochure.

Technology & Innovation

Our commercial ranges include the latest product designs in spring support and foam comfort & are made to the highest standards. Each bed has fabrics specifically chosen to ensure longer durability.

Peace of Mind

All our products are backed with their own individual product warranty. Our top of the range mattresses have a 10 year warranty so you know you're covered for the lifespan of your mattress in the unlikely event anything goes wrong.