Technology & Innovation

Sleepyhead has spent nearly 85 years making beds. Alongside our commercial team, we work hard to stay ahead of the curve in finding the latest technologies that go into our bedding in order to ensure your guests are sleeping on the very best.

BioXCell Spring System

Featured in our Elegance range, BioXCell is a system that is made up of individual electronically heat-tempered springs that sit independent of each other. This design helps minimise partner disturbance as well as being durable and long lasting

Torquezone HD Springs

This spring system delivers excellent support with a graduated 5 zone system that provides extra support to key areas in the body that need it the most, notably around the hips and shoulders.

Endorsed By The NZ Chiropractors Association

This spring system has been endorsed by the New Zealand Chiropractors' Association. It has a three zone system with support loaded in the crucial middle part of the springs to support the lumbar region and hips.

Endorsed By The NZ Chiropractors Association

Our product designers have made our mattresses more supportive with a high density foam edge to edge box case surrounding the spring system. The helps minimise partner disturbance and gives guests extra support when they get in and out of bed.

Sensorzone Core

In our Sanctuary models, we’ve included the revolutionary Sensorzone core. It combines the comfort and support of a traditional mattress by cleverly integrating springs in Dreamfoam. Working alongside the foam layers, this dual active system delivers all the benefits of a pocket spring, inner sprung or 100% foam mattress without the compromise.


We’ve partnered with US tech firm KülKōte to create a heat-regulating innovation that’s designed to help your guests sleep without getting too hot or too cold. Tiny microcapsules inside the KülKōte layer heat up and liquefy and start the process of absorbing heat.

Anti-Bed Bug Fabric

We offer the choice of including anti-bed bug fabric in your bed range to help eradicate bed bugs that can live in the mattress ticking. It's also anti-microbial to help keep bacteria at bay.

Oeko-Tex Safety

All our fabrics and textiles used in our Commercial ranges carry the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label. This means that they've been tested for harmful substances and found to be safe for your guests to sleep on.