Evolution of the bean bag

Great ways to use them in hospitality

The humble bean bag has evolved since the 70s when it was made of corduroy and used to slouch in front of the television at home. It’s history goes surprisingly as far back as ancient Egypt but was also thought to be used in Tai Chi in ancient China.

However, the first patented type of bean bag, called the Sea Urchin, appeared in 1968 then a year later the Sacco came out in Italy – a more stylish version that was comfortable to sit in. 

During the 70s, the bean bag really hit its stride with overwhelming popularity and was literally in millions of households around the world as comfy floor furniture. Now the iconic bean bag is making a resurgence as classy colourful outdoor furniture, commonplace in civic shared spaces or at festivals for planting your derriere. It’s also becoming a regular feature in the hospitality industry. 

Used properly bean bags can be fun and functional in your accommodation but very economical at the same time because they now come in different styles, fabrics and colours for use inside as well as outdoors.


Does your holiday park, resort or accommodation have a pool? Bulky deck chairs and furniture are  bulky to move around and left outside can look drab, mouldy and weather beaten. Colourful water resistant bean bags are much lighter, brighter and easy to stack and get out the way around the pool area. 

Outdoor spaces and relaxation spots can be easily turned into an oasis with comfy soft furniture that’s also durable and invites guests of all ages to enjoy your facility outside their rooms. Our Jumbo Premium Bean Bags are perfect for your guests using pools or outdoor areas. New Zealand made, they have 500 lt fill, are made of a strong water resistant canvas and come with two handles for easy pick-up and moving.


There are more digital nomads travelling domestically and internationally now – giving them a comfortable place to sit and work in common areas around your accommodation is paramount. Bean bags are comfortable and invite you to sit down, take a load off and relax. You could be working online or reading a book but they give your guests a chance to escape for some ‘me’ time. Equally, they’re great for kids & families to play board games indoors if the weather isn’t great. 

Your lobby or reception is likely the first and last place guests will see, so leave a lasting impression. Uncomfortable furniture for waiting guests isn’t inviting and doesn’t help calm those waiting to settle their bill or check-in. Make this area stand out from your competition by colour coordinating bean bags to fit your accommodation’s colour scheme. Sleepyhead Commercial offers eight different colours from the vibrant limes, fun orange to neutral greys that should suit any accommodation decor.

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