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Our exclusive BioXCell independent pocket spring system, which features in the Elegance range, offers an exceptional sleep, completely free from partner disturbance. This is because the individual, electronically heat-tempered springs are totally independent of each other – they are not connected to helical wires like conventional spring units are.
The quilted tops of our mattresses are made from a combination of Dreamfoam and extra thick layers of Nuvole Pure Comfort fibre.
The unique cell structure of our Dreamfoam provides superior support and absolute comfort, while also offering a truly environmentally friendly option – we create it using an entirely carbon neutral process.
All of our commercial beds feature the latest sleeping comfort technologies made by Dunlop Foams.
Our conventional single and double beds are 188cm long. We offer the option of ordering them to 203cm long if required. The Elegance, Executive, Executive Plush and Supreme beds come at 203cm long as standard.
We have designed the spring unit system in our bases to complement the system in our mattresses, for increased comfort and support and to add years to the life of your bed.
Heat tempering sets the tensile strength of the spring and ensures it doesn’t lose height over time.
Using innovative design and the latest in technology, we have created extremely durable insulating layers, which not only help protect the springs within the mattress but also allow air and moisture to flow freely.
Designed to contour to your body shape, our Latex Gold supports your body in all the right places, with specific concentration on the hips, shoulders and spine areas, for ideal in-line support and total muscle relaxation. The natural latex is anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic, dust free and contaminant-free for ultimate breathability and a healthier sleeping surface.
This deep base is fully upholstered to match the mattress and features wooden slats instead of a spring system.
For those looking for less of a pillow effect, we offer a more level surface where the outer covering is quilted through soft foam.
The outer fabrics on our commercial range are hard-wearing and have been treated with SlumberGuard, which provides antibacterial and fire retardant properties.
We have designed our king size beds with a split base combination for easy handling when moving; either from room to room or in terms of accessibility via stairs and/or lifts.
Our Torquezone spring system is surrounded by high density foam, providing exceptional surface support and stability to the very edge of the mattress. This design results in less partner disturbance, a better quality sleep and additional support when getting in and out of bed.
Torquezone HD is a graduated five zone spring system design, encased in a Structureflex foam box, that actively cradles the hip region. Torquezone HD provides superior support as it features a thicker wire than the standard Torquezone spring system, making the mattress stronger. The Torquezone design also gives more surface coverage compared to other innerspring systems and is the only open coil spring system especially designed to minimise partner disturbance because both the springs and helical wires run continuously head to toe, transferring weight down the length of the bed and minimising partner disturbance.
Endorsed by the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association, our exclusive Torquezone spring system has been designed with a ‘posturised’ centre for more concentrated support where it’s most needed – in the centre third of the mattress where the lumbar area and hips require additional support. It also features a head-totoe helical system to prevent roll together.
Designed for greater room flexibility, we offer a zip-combination where two mattresses can be joined together by a high tensile zip and their bases secured by a simple metal joiner system at both ends. Combinations could result in an overall King, Super King or Californian King size.

Elegance Range

Offering Luxury and Comfort with our BioXCell Spring System and plush layers of high density Dreamfoam.


Supreme & Executive Range

Offering superb comfort and support with our exclusive Torquezone Spring System.


Hotelier and Wayfarer Range

Featuring our exclusive Torquezone Spring System, this bed offers great support with an easy care mattress top.